Weekly Digest – 6 July 2022

Weekly Digest – 6 July 2022

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Canadian economy grew in April, but likely now contracting

Statistics Canada says that the economy grew in April, but early readings suggest a contraction for May. Official readings will be out at the end of this month.

Bank of Canada surveys reveal that inflation is of high concern to consumers

The Business Outlook Survey and the Canadian Survey of Consumer Expectations revealed that Canadian businesses and consumers think the current era of high inflation will persist for longer than they’d previously hoped.

Option to continue working from home may be limited for many

Workplace experts say that unless you had a work-from-home arrangement before the pandemic, you may not necessarily be entitled to continue to work from home as we shift back to traditional agreements.

CN rail workers enter arbitration

The Canadian National Railway and the union representing 750 of its signal and communication workers have agreed to enter binding arbitration, bringing an end to a two-week strike.

Pilots union alleges Sunwing negotiated in bad faith

The union representing Sunwing pilots has filed an official complaint with the Industrial Relations Board, alleging the company negotiated in bad faith as it knew it was about to be purchased by WestJet.

Air Canada will cancel dozens of flights over summer holiday season

Air Canada president and CEO Michael Rousseau cited ‘unprecedented and unforeseen strains on all aspects of the global aviation system‘ for the cancellations.

BOC sounds alarm over household debt

The Bank of Canada is warning Canadians about the risk that comes with record high house prices, saying that an increasing number of households with high mortgage debt won’t be able to handle rising interest rates.

Severe labour shortage is risky for businesses

Unemployment is at a record low, which is great for jobseekers, but the labour shortage is putting many businesses at risk, and their revenue is on the line.

Changes on the horizon for pay transparency

Pay transparency is more important than ever, and several jurisdictions in North America are enacting laws that require salary ranges to be stated in public job postings.

CRA updates Disability Tax Credit Form

The Disability Tax Credit Form and other related resources have been updated. Details can be found here.

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