Apply now for the Xero Beautiful Business Fund!

Apply now for the Xero Beautiful Business Fund!

Xero Beautiful Business Fund applications are now open!

Xero recently announced the launch of the Xero Beautiful Business Fund. Itʼs their new initiative, backing small businesses for the future.

What does this mean?

Xero is offering more than NZ$750,000 in funding to Xero small business customers across Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and the US.

Applications for the fund are open til Oct 6 and we encourage you to apply.

About the fund

There are four funding categories, with no cap on how many you can enter.

  1. Innovating for sustainability – How are you taking the next step on your sustainability journey?
  2. Strengthening community connection – How are you striving to give back to your community?
  3. Trailblazing with technology – How are you seeking to innovate and set pace with technological advancements?
  4. Upskilling for the future – How are you thinking ahead and preparing for the future?

For each category youʼd like to enter, create a 90 second pitch video and complete the short online application form here.


If you choose to enter, youʼll be asked if youʼve been referred by your accountant or bookkeeper. Please select yes and add the name of our firm and your primary contact.

Share the love

Spread the word with other Xero customers you know, so together, we can make the future brighter for small businesses.

Good luck!
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