Protect your business with our security tips

Here at {Firm Name} we take security very seriously.

The safety of your personal, business and financial data is our number one priority. We use a program called Practice Protect to safeguard our firm and protect your information.

Every other week there’s an article about another data breach or hack. You don’t want your business to have to deal with a breach, so we’ve listed some easy security tips to help keep your business and your customers safe.

Here are our tips:

  • Get a secure password manager like LastPass or 1Password so you don’t have to remember your passwords.
  • Use 2 Factor Authentication to login, especially for bank accounts and accounting files.
  • Train your staff to watch out for security threats including suspicious links or attachments.
If you’d like some more tips to build and grow a successful business or want to find out more about our own security protocols, have a chat with us.

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